This section includes other setting material that your characters would not know, but will be helpful for you as players to know. It’s sort of the stuff that gives meaning and context to the game.

The Lunar Empire

The Lunar Empire came into being about 300 years ago with the ascent of their new religion- the Red Moon Goddess – either a mortal who ascended to godhood or a lost god from the beginning of time who was resurrected. Either way, the new religion brought new magics and the Empire began expanding through a combination of religious, cultural, and military conquest.

The Empire has turned it’s eyes on the Bayan lands to the South, a hilly, jungled land. Between internal political indecisiveness and the Bayan resistance, it’s been about 3 generations with little success. The hawkish politicians have finally gotten the Emperor’s assent to send in a second wave.

Lunar Religion

The success of the Lunar religion can be attributed to two reasons.

First, worship of the Lunar Goddess does not require excluding any other type of worship or practice- the religion only requires that you include her into your pantheon in some fashion. For many people who already worship syncretic mixes of deities, this isn’t a far jump. In some cases, it allows areas filled with religious strife to introduce a peace making middle ground.

Second, Lunar magics works exceptionally well with in the boundaries of the Empire’s boundaries- it provides discernible benefits- better crops, quicker healing, more powerful magic.

Despite these benefits, there’s many folks who see it as a cultural invasion- disruptive to the traditional ways, and setting up an Emperor above your own leaders, and, ultimately, putting worshipers of a false goddess above your own leaders.


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