Character Creation

Starting Point

Your hero will be a native of Bulu Village, youthful (30 or under), with combat abilities, some magic, and possibly leadership abilities. Your hero will probably be a farmer, hunter, or else an apprentice or assistant to some skilled trade (including magic workers).

Keywords and Description

You’ll write a 100 word description of your hero. Be sure to include a Family Keyword and a Profession Keyword, and you’ll probably want to use some of the Common Abilities.

Customizing your Character

1. Include a Trait that makes your hero ideal for saving Bulu Village in the crisis to come.

2. Include a Trait that would get in the way from saving Bulu Village (a personal flaw or perhaps bad reputation?)

3. Include a person or place he or she would fight to protect and why.

4. Include either a unique magical ability/gift or special relationship to a spirit, ancestor, or deity.

5. Include 1-3 trademark possessions of your hero.

Character Creation

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