Communities and Resources

Communities & Resources Intro

This section describes the entirety of Bulu Village as a community, as well as the subsets divided within it. Each section includes the Community Resources, which are italicised, indicating what the Community offers it’s members, as well as the kinds of conflicts you should expect around that community – in terms of where it’s power lies as well as what might be taken away from it.

Common Abilities indicate what kinds of skills, traits, and magic is commonly found amongst those communities. Do note that under Bulu Village itself, is a number of abilities which effectively are common amongst everyone.

All heroes are considered both members of Bulu Village AND one of the 3 family groupings – giving them access to both sets of Resources and Common Abilities

Bulu Village Resource Traits

Our Way of Caring for Each Other

Our Crops, Our Livestock, Our Farms

Our Gods and Ancestors who Protect Us

Safe Routes through the Jungle

Harmony with Nana Amara, the Jungle, our Mother

Common Abilities:

Forage Food, Spear, Treat Snakebite, Know the Jungle, Farming, Sling, Spell- Cure snakebite, Spell- cure ill child, Earth Rune, Fertility Rune, Charm: Seed Planting, Charm: Find Herbs, Charm: Run from Danger

Elder Families

The Elder Families have lived in Bulu Village since the Green Age, before people even knew how to speak. They believe they came together as rain, winds, plants, and animals- just part of the world. They are the most numerous of Bulu (15 families) and know the land the best.

Secrets of the Land

Friends with (Beasts) (choose a type of animal – Tigers, Elephants, etc.)

Extra Manpower

Fertile Lands & Larger Granaries

Oxen & Horses

Common Abilities:

Endurance, Know Direction, Healthy, Hard Working

Royal Families

The Royal Families came during the time of War with Darkness. They claim lineage from the Bayan Royal line, though Bulu has been isolated for generations from the outside world- whatever traditions they’ve kept would be archaic to current practices. They’re respected and often a representative is called for most rituals, marriages, or funerals, but they have no official authority. The Royals number 5 families, each of whom possess 1-3 artifacts of “Royal Regalia” which are used in rituals and festivals.

Respectable Reputation

Family Library of Spells and Magickal Theory

Ritual Regalia

Secret Stories and Myths of the Royals

A little extra wealth

Common Abilities:

Read & Write, Secret Royal (weapon) art, The Crown Sutra, Respected, Spell- Safe Journey, Spell- Sense Lie, Spell- Appear Impressive, Spell- Disorient Foe, Spell- Disorient Predator, Spell- Purify Food

The Settlers

The latecomer families during the War with Darkness. They arrived bringing newer skills of smithing and craftwork, songs and stories, and the arts of healing. They number 7 families and are well connected. There is about 3 Spirit workers in all of Bulu, but their charms are well known.

Favors owed by other families

Performance Masks

Herbs, Medicines, Healers

Performers, Musicians, Storytellers

Magic Charms and Spirit Workers

Common Abilities:

First Aid, Tailored clothing, Herbalism, Well Connected, Stories of the Gods, Charm – Sound Pleasant, Charm – See in the Dark, Charm – Graceful Movement, Charm – Cook delicious foods

Communities and Resources

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