Profession Keywords

Profession Keywords Intro

Profession Keywords summarize the most common abilities amongst a given Profession in Bulu. Though you could probably make dozens more, what is presented here are professions that make for better heroes. Each Keyword includes 7 Abilities, followed by Common Abilities often are associated with the Profession though not part of the Keyword itself.


Most Bulu inhabitants are farmers. They primarily farm rice and vegetables with steppe farming. Weather and land permits 3 harvests a year, though cleared land is small, so they rotate plots often. Both men and women do equal shares of farming.

Strong, Enduring, Knows the Weather, Wrestling & Brawling, Mean with a Stick, Carry Massive Weight, Hard Working

Common Abilities: Friends with draft animals, Endure Weather, Stubborn, Patient, Mighty Grip, Practical


The primary source of meat beyond chickens is through hunting. Hunters will travel in groups of 4-9, perhaps as much as 2 dozen if they’re hunting a local predator.

Tracking, Knows Beasts, Run, Ambush, Stones, Arrows & Spears, Close to the Jungle, Excellent Senses

Common Abilities: Excellent night vision, Stealthy, Great cook, Go without food, Focused, Tanner


Children typically get about 4-8 years of adolescence and teenage years before they are saddled down with responsibilities and training. Though most take up the professions of their parents or local relatives, a few become apprentices under other villagers.

Knows a Secret Place, Seen Weird Beings, Insecurity/Bratty Arrogance, Sees the Flaws in Others, Run like Hell, Knows other People’s Dirty Secrets, Talented in …(pick Ability).

Common Abilities: Awkward flirting, Find hidden object, Clever Lie, Hiding, Carrying Water, Knowing all the Elders’ stories, Overconfidence, Dance, Stone throwing


The career path of a healer typically includes serving as an assistant/apprentice, then collecting herbs and traveling to treat others in early adulthood, and settling down and training others in later life.

Treat Injuries, Treat Illness, Cure Poison, Herbalism, Respected and Known, Midwifery, Prayers of Healing

Common Abilities: Healthy, Knows Other People’s Secrets, Can Spot an Old Injury from a Distance, Knows How to Harm, Poison, Exasperated


The Priestess is usually the highest authority underneath Elders, and her job will include intervening with strife between families or individuals, as well as dictating punishments for crimes. Mild punishment is usually money or service, and the worst one possible is being exiled to the jungle for years at a time.

Prayers & Rituals, Close to the Nana Amara, Myths & Stories of the Gods, Authority, Sing, Healing Grave Injuries, Divination

Common Abilities: Visions, Laws & Traditions, History, Rune: Earth, Rune: Fertility, Rune: Harmony, Rune: Truth, Knowledge of Darkness Monsters, Knowledge of Chaos Monsters, Setting up Magic Wards, Seen It All, Hard Words for Hard Heads, Hears the Ancestors

Craftworker or Performer

Craftworkers make the things that people need, and Performers enact ritual celebrations for ceremonies. The Craftworkers enchant objects to last or perform better, while Performers use music or possession to bring the Gods and Ancestors down for ceremonies.

(Trade – Blacksmithing, Weaving, Carving, etc. or Performance- Dancing, Singing, etc.), Haggling, Owed Many Favors, Estimate a Job, Planning and Multitasking, Rituals to Bless Work/Performance, (Appropriate Tools of the Trade)

Common Abilities: Spell: Enchant (object – sword, tool, house, shoes, etc.), Bless Area with Performance, Ward Area from Spirits with Performance, Family Heirloom Tool, Performance Costume, Magical Mask, Tireless, Party Hard, Brawling, Use Tool as Weapon


Servants are not slaves, but those who have taken up the role of helping a household- taking care of the elderly and the young. Most people have a family member or two who choose to take this route. It serves as an excellent way to get out of your family’s house and to be closer to friends or lovers.

Cook Food, Tireless, Hardworking, Surprising Strength, Knows Dirty Secrets, Mending Clothes, Minding Children

Common Abilities: On Good Terms with Many, Stories of the Elderly, Patience, Endure the Faults of Others, Humble, Nurse Illness, Guided by Master’s Ancestors, Knows the Hiding Places, Sharp Observation, Charm: Feeling Rested, Charm: Make others treat you nicely, Spell: Calm Emotions, Rune: Earth, Rune: Fire, Rune: Harmony, Rune: Stasis, Rune: Mastery

Profession Keywords

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